drive technology - MMF Engineering
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Drive technology

Plantetengetriebe von MMF Engineering
  • Gearboxes:
    • planetary gearboxes
    • wind turbine gearboxes
    • bevel helical gearboxes
    • helical gearboxes



  • Couplings:
    • switchable couplings
    • flexible couplings
    • rigid couplings
    • belt drives
    • other clamping elements (hubs etc.)



  • Gear wheels:
    • gear wheels with a diameter of up to 5000mm and module 50mm
    • spur gears or helical gears with a diameter of up to 4000mm
    • bevel gears with a diameter of up to 800mm
    • cyclo-palloid gears with a diameter of up to 600mm
    • various forms of pinions



  • Belts:
    • V-Belts
    • Cogged Belts



  • Bolts, Axles, Flanges:
    • Bolts with a diameter of 10 mm to 300 mm and a length of 2000mm
    • Shafts and axles with a diameter of up to 700mm and a length of up to 8000mm
    • Surface finishing: Rotating, grinding, polishing, inductive hardening, nitriding, case-hardening, hard chromium plating, galvanizing